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[dc]2’s expert team helps its customers and partners to overcome
the lack of internal knowledge that is necessary to build and operate
a data center with the level of reliability that customer’s business
needs requires in today’s high tech world.

[dc]2’s system of values
is based on simple principles, values that reflect a comprehensive approach to project management. These values are:

  • objectively inform our customers on the proper solutions that solve their problems from the conceptual stage through the operational stage of their project.
  • utilize the best of industry standards. Our design team utilizes both our local expertise and our international experience to bring you the best design possible.   Our background in adaptation of international standards allows us to easily adopt your requirements to the special legislation and standards found here in Russia.
  • provide our customers with the highest skilled project management team available.
  • honesty and confidentiality is a key to providing client satisfaction,  we strive always to maintain this value to our customers, partners and contractors.

Such an approach allows us to act as the owner’s representative; in this role we take all responsibility in dealing with customer’s internal IT/Facility team, IT Companies, designers, equipment suppliers and constructions companies.
Throughout all project phases we make sure that the customers’ requirements (technological, economic and schedule) are transparent. This method of delivery allows for the customer to make the right decisions needed without impacting the project.

[dc]2 Competitive Advantages:
Fundamentally we approach each project with:

  • Vendor neutral:We operate fully independent from the equipment vendors and suppliers; this neutral approach allows us to provide our clients with the best solutions and to receive all the objective information needed when it comes time to make a final decision on what is best for their project.
  • Innovation and Experience: Our teams of experts maintain up to date training, staying up to date with the best international experience and know how skills concerning design, construction and upgrading data centers allows us to provide you the customer with the quality project management needed to successfully deliver a project on time and on budget.
  • Teaming: Our approach is to make all various groups involved a member of a team whose single goal is to provide the customer with the highest quality project available.   We have found that this method allows for productive collaboration throughout the complete process thereby minimizing situations that can cause problems or delays.

[dc]2 Resources:
Our track record of success in unequaled.  We achieve this success due to the skills our expert teams.  The skills are team members possess are multi-faceted and can easily participate in projects from IT and engineering equipment side, as system integrators, as construction managers and facility managers.

Our design experts utilize the latest software such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk 3D MAX toolkit to design your project utilizing products such as these allows for split-hair accuracy of design solutions and to offer customer’s 3D-imageing of the design before the project is completed.

Our team of designers do not look at what is just the best situation for your project from  an engineering standpoint but also look at what is the best solution to maintain your facility after it is constructed.  By combining these different methods we can deliver the customer the best solution for their facility. 

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