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Before making a decision to build or to lease data center a
top-manager and CIO should be convinced that this step is
strategically and economically justified.

Today’s market of technologies, services and innovations in the field of data centers provides IT experts with a big freedom of choice.

However, to make that choice, it is necessary to have the right information regarding IT and telecommunication decisions, and in the areas far from a daily circle of CIO’s professional interests.

[dc]2 team understands full well how fast and qualitative this lack of knowledge resources and time will be filled, and a client’s reputation and business success depends.

Therefore [dc]2 develops for a client a business case that includes:

  • business-goal statement;
  • search of conceptual alternative variants to support client’s business in terms of its current situation, possibilities and restrictions connected with internal and external factors (e.q.: critical for business terms of opening new POP points, topological features of district, forecasts of development of those or other branches, economic-political transformations, vendors’ plans on releasing new products etc.);
  • various scenarios of the detailing the best solutions which could appear and estimation rates of project success (e.q.: technical parametres of devices and services, over all size of equipment and areas, price indicators and etc.)

A client is much more confident to take steps on searching the partners and executors of the project using such recommendations.

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