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[dc]2 Work Principles
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[dc]2 is a reliable partner who will take complete responsibility
for the delivery of the highest quality and economic
efficiency of the project.  Our expert project delivery methods ensure that your project receives the detailed
attention needed to deliver you a Class A facility.

  • Risk mitigation: we evaluate the local requirements and compare them against the customer’s needs and requirements thereby reducing the customer’s risks ensuring that their project not only meets their goals but also meets the requirements of the local jurisdictions.
  • We stay up to date on the constantly changing market and development trends related to all aspects concerning data centers that is why:
    • our experts constantly work closely with the equipment vendors and suppliers of telecommunication, engineering, electrical technical and climatic decisions
    • working with the vendors latest designs allows us to incorporate the latest innovative initiatives of system integrators and builders
    • Attending and actively participating key industry events of international and domestic market of data centers
  • Our business model utilizes fair market practices, our services are competitively priced and we believe in using fair the benefits of open and fair competition.
  • Our goal is to bring the best international practices in area of design, construction methodology and maintenance of data centers to Russian market.
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