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Project Management (PM)
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[dc]2 takes responsibility for risk management at
all stages of data center life cycle.

[dc]2 is the first and the only independent consulting company in Russia that has concentrated its activity on outsourcing it’s services in the field of complex projects management on building, upgrading and development data centers / server rooms.

Based on valuable experience and the knowledge obtained visiting the best US and European data centers [dc]2 has compiled a full services to maintain data centers at the necessary reliability level at all project stages.

"Pre-design" project phase specifies the following scope of work:

  • conduct an audit of a current situation, to set goals and targets for clients;
  • to find out all needed IT information, to get basic requirements to data center / server room facility and also, to assist in choosing a platform for it;
  • to evaluate preliminary possible project risks and to give effective recommendations on how to prevent them;
  • to prepare a basic design plan of data centers/ server rooms and the first budget scheme of a project (with recommendations about architecture, climatic, power, safety, metalwork and fire-prevention equipment);
  • to prepare technical and organizational requirements to choose contractors on civil work and infrastructural decisions.

At the initiation stage of a project [dc]2 carries out:

  • technical review of all offers from tender participants and provide a technical conclusion;
  • provide technical requirements working out on all project systems (together with contractors chosen by a client);
  • project management, technical decisions, coordination of infrastructure and building project components with a client’s representatives while following different formal procedure.

At the project implementation stage of [dc]2 takes up responsibility for:

  • coordination of actions of all design groups (pm-orchestration);
  • monitoring of intermediate indicators of project success;
  • management of contractors
  • preparing a facility for both test and commercial maintenance (commissioning);
  • organization and procedures for of the maintenance system

After a facility delivery into maintenance (completely or stage by stage) [dc]2 performs:

  • regular audit of the facility area;
  • working out recommendations on keeping or updating the current work development plan of server rooms (having necessary operating conditions for the latest  IT devices, commissioning of reserve areas increasing a reliability level and etc.);
  • quality control of planned and off-schedule works directed on upgrading or escalating of data center capacities.

Many of these services [dc]2 performs within the limits of separate contracts on consulting support, target examination or user's service of data center. However, as a rule, it is much more reasonable and cost effective for both the customer and project implementers to have a process approach on evaluation and overcoming of possible risks connected with a given data center.

Thus, we can guarantee the highest degree of quality and continuity of data center services.

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