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[dc]2 services envelop a broad range of services needed
for the optimization and high economic efficiency required
in today’s fault-tolerant data centers (TIER II-TIER IV)

Our experts focus their efforts on managing, designing, building and maintaining today’s highly complex projects including data centers and server rooms.

Such services includes:

  • Site selection services;
  • Site audits;
  • Economic analysis of data centers and server rooms (including risks assessment);
  • Basis of Design (BOD) documents;
  • Consulting services on building, upgrading and maintaining data centers and server rooms;
  • Architecture and engineering design of data centers and server rooms;
  • Designing and building turnkey business centers of "A" level, as well as other real estate facilities of the complex engineering infrastructure;
  • Retro-fitting of existing data centers and server rooms;
  • Construction management and project management of data centers and server rooms;
  • Relocation services;
  • Cable plant and power distribution design;
  • Cable management.

[dc]2 experts can provide more specific information on each of the above mentioned services if requested. They can also form the basis of a comprehensive proposal according to initial data center/server room requirements provided and customers’ business specification which interests are always a priority to [dc]2 team.

[dc]2 values its reputation and the reputation of its customers in the project. The company’s services consist of three key factors:

  • objective assessment of risks and perspectives for data centers and their compliance with customer’s business goals and strategy;
  • objective approach to suppliers of advanced technologies and solutions (networking, telecommunications, engineering and construction);
  • high level of professionalism in all areas relevant to the life cycle stages of data centers (from their original idea of building / upgrading to the assessment of their maintaining).

All the methodologies and know-how skills have been developed through relationships with the best international and local experts who are highly trained with the design and equipping of data centers and server rooms, as well as with providing solutions on safety and reliability of other real estate facilities of the same level of complexity.  

Experts support in the contract frameworks on user's service
Besides providing solutions for one-time projects,[dc]2 offers its clients’ expert services on users’ data centers / server rooms, and also on other strategically important real estate facilities.

Such services includes:

  • regular audit of a facility (including risk analysis of adjoining businesses to it);
  • diagnostics of current conditions relating to the support engineering systems;
  • revealing factors that could cause possible risks and threats for a regular mode of operation of basic IT and telecommunication equipment installed in  user’s object;
  • provide recommendations about the changing factors of facility engineering infrastructure and system elements related to the physical and logic safety of the user’s  business conditions, or to those factors of external influence.

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