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[dc]2 is ready to assist in strengthening the skills of
its customers’ project teams and in increasing the quality of work
execution and in controlling of contractors’ actions

PM (Project Management) orchestration is a special case of performing consulting and expertise services within the limits of the project on building/upgrading data center.

Its basic difference from a service "project management" is that the customer hands over an operating company for outsourcing not all scopes of work responsibilities and questions on data center quality/reliability but only the part in of it that lacks special knowledge and resources.

Usually PM-orchestration service is used by those customers who have their own strong expert team. They are very good at maintaining network and telecommunication equipment, and also at other questions concerning data centers.

These people are overloaded with performance of their main job duties and can’t really allocate resources to be able to acquire or to upgrade some specific knowledge concerning data center and factors that influence on its quality and reliability. In this case [dc]2 offers its customers to create a mutual project administration from both sides.

Thus a customer’s team acts a role of Decisions-making center, and takes up responsibilities for correct formulation of all necessary requirements and restrictions. [dc]2 is responsible for coordination of mutual actions and for measures provided within the limits of a project.

Within the framework of this service package [dc]2 implements the following:

  • Audit of power supply and climatic systems
    Our team makes full or partial inspection of data center/server room’s life-support systems. The scope of work which is carried out within the framework of this service can be referred to either separately causing anxiety of the customer, or to full-scale audit of power supply and air-conditioning systems. The methodology used by [dc]2 at performing such works is based on the combination of customers‘business interests and profound knowledge of technologies that allows reaching high productivity both at the idea concept stage and when the work is finished.
  • Coordination of plans and activity of all independent working groups involved in the project
Fulfilling these conditions is a key factor of a project’s success. However it bears in itself some risks of subjective and objective moments because each project team runs its tempo and deals in a specific environment, and uses different professional terminology. [dc]2 is ready to help in making a decision of how to reduce everybody to the same level of working that would be comfortable and clear for a customer.
  • Platform choice for data center
[dc]2 experts will carry out an all-round analysis of available platforms for building data center/server room. Thus a number of specific characteristics of a facility location and the territory adjoining to it will be taken into consideration.

We will investigate the premises located over and under the future facility, and also will carry out a research of how good and advanced the networks infrastructure is for data transmission. The service goes together with completing the works that include basic design of data center and budgetary plans for available areas.

The most important and thus client-attractive point of this service is that [dc]2 has a constantly updated database of suitable platforms that could save time and money for searching

  • Architectural and engineering design of data center/server room

The majority of data centers owners and system integrators lack the specific knowledge in the calculation of bearing structures durability and furnishing of server rooms.

What is more, today’s requirements to office areas and to industrial ones differ and can be observed up by qualified professionals only, like [dc]2.

Because of our expertise and experience our company can help you to overcome this lack of knowledge and make this process of meeting all standards and specifications simpler and more effective. We will take care of electric utility cables, finishing materials and bearing structures, automation and life-support data center systems so that they will provide a reliable maintenance of data center

  • Follow the formal procedures instead of data center owners

[dc]2 is ready to assist you with your duties and responsibilities and follow the necessary formal procedures of its customers while solving conceptual and operative questions concerning the building or upgrading of a data center/server room.

Our experts on behalf of your name will carry on all negotiations with both representatives of local electric utility company at the local level, and with the following subcontractors: construction and erection organizations, designers, planners, vendors of cable infrastructure, IT and telecommunication decisions and engineering equipment.

  • Equipment relocation plan
Our team of experts will help you to make the relocation process of network and telecommunication equipment to a new data center place seamless. As a rule, such service is performed by [dc]2 together with building and equipping of a new facility, this leads to saving time in a projects implementation.
  • Crisis and risk management

[dc]2 is able to efficiently diagnose obvious and latent risks in a regular functioning of data center and to estimate the most probable crises scenarios.  In a short time period a customer receives reliable information about the failure reasons, and also, effective recommendations on how to solve a current situation.

When contracted [dc]2 is ready to take up responsibilities to calculate a project pre-budget, to provide expertise of data center area and also, to perform other works included in a service package on consulting and expertise support.

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