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We are ready to be responsible for maintenance of data-center’s
creation and upgrading project during its life cycle.

Experts which work in the company [dc]2 have experience in:
  • integration of IT- and telecommunication systems;
  • data-centers and server rooms examination and further recommendations about elaboration of corporate standard (air conditioning, power supply) and how to eliminate operational risks;
  • construction and data-center’s technical rigging project integrated management for large corporate Clients working in the most progressive branch of economy;
  • designing and creation of call-centers, conference centers and comparable with them ICT-infrastructure sites.
To the moment of   [dc]2 ’s foundation we have done quite a lot:
  • Our team was involved in examination of server rooms and data-centers. To 2005 the number of these facilities was 8, but to the end of 2006 this factor quadrupled and was 32 sites. To the middle of the next year the company broke the 100 barrier. By the middle of 2007 the total sites square examined by our experts was 4300 sq. m.
  • In may 2007 the summary power of equipment installed during project implementation under   [dc]2 ’s experts management exceeded 3.5 MW.
  • The geography of projects in which our specialists were involved: Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Orel, Ryazan, Samara, St. Petersburg, Saratov and so on…
  • Our specialists have developed the methodology of expertise called Thinkware and it was incorporated in 2006.
In 2008-2009 we fulfilled commitments under the contracts on:
  • Development of calculator which estimates data-center design and construction costs; processes structuring and unification; resource-intensiveness reduction on design work prestage (time, money, % of personnel’s involvement).
  • Project management of conceptualization and business-model development; site audit; design preparation for data-center. Project parameters: server room area size is 10,000 sq.m; power density is 1,612 W/sq.m. (4.5 kW/rack); power supply is 32 MW; reliability level is TIER III.
  • Project team management under complex and multistage project of IT- and engineering infrastructure creation along with construction of offices and auxiliary rooms for one of the biggest economic structure in Russia (30 floors, 2,100 sq.m. each). Participation in development and agreement of technical and design solutions + construction inspection. Coordination of project team participants ( 5 main contractors). Control of performance quality and implementation standard. Project parameters: server room area is about 650 sq.m; 17 systems; refrigerating plant, Lamperts facility; redundancy for air conditioning systems is 2N and for power equipment 2N+1.
  • Development of main design solutions concept and budget for data-center with total area of about 17,000 sq.m., where, according to project, separate rooms for telecommunications facilities, server complex of different power load, laboratory for adjustment of new systems and applications are provided.

Besides the company is regularly involved in the audit and expert evaluation of operating sites and sites under construction.

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