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Audit & Expertise of data centers / server rooms
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[dc]2 has successfully developed the expertise needed to support
data centers and server rooms. We implement this by using our own
know-how skills along with the use of advanced European and US experiences. 

The business reputation of the today’s companies, federal and state government organizations depends on a data centers’ fault tolerance level; this tolerance is the key for maintenance and business processes continuity.

Our technical experts assist in preparing date-centers for certification due to the declared level of reliability. This procedure allows us to find single points of failure, latent defects of engineering infrastructure or building-finishing elements; it also allows us to take measures in due time to eliminate them. So, in this case you needn’t make a second request for data center certification.

As part of our delivery we employee standard project systematic expertise of the existing data centers and server rooms. This kind of service consists of:

  • creation of data center assessment form and its coordination with a client;
  • definition of data center type is subject to parameters and infrastructure conditions;
  • gathering of necessary design and initial documentation;
  • assessment of data centers and service rooms with a given expertise afterwards;
  • development of recommendations to change some systems’ elements that meet the requirements.

Our expert’s prepare reports on the functioning of each separate system of data center. It comes straight after the audit / assessment of data center where our team collects and disseminates the information obtained.

Our expert’s report could be used as an official document that considerably reduces the time needed for a certified audit and gives you more trust and confidence from your partners, investors and clients.

In coordination with a customer [dc]2 takes will assume the responsibility of upgrading your data center and elimination your current problems.

When hired to do such emergency evaluations our customers will receive the following standard package of services:

  • explanation of the reasons of main equipment breakdown or of life-support system elements;
  • prognosis of future possible failures;
  • recommendations for immediate remediation of the failure or failures;
  •  assistance in repairing, re-designing or implementation of procedures to prevent the failures from happening again.

In practice performing this kind of service usually turns either to a standard expertise project of data center / server rooms, or to a full-scale pre-design assessment with [dc]2 taking up project management responsibilities afterwards.

Pre-design expertise of data centers / server rooms
When a customer hires [dc]2 to evaluate an existing data center this service allows them to receive a conceptual report detailing the possible project development and the resources available for it. In particular, the reports prepared by our experts help the customer to make a decision on, whether this data center is still capable of meeting its mission and if so, how long?

The reports would detail what would be more reasonable - to upgrade an existing facility or to initiate a new project of building an up-to-date data center.

Scope of work that our team of experts will be performing is mutually defined and agreed to in advance. As a rule, these detailed reports can be later be very useful at the project phase "Pre-design".  

Audit of data centers/server rooms ready for maintenance

In case of a new data center or the upgrading of an existing data center by a customer himself or by the third party [dc]2 specialists can be a part of an expert team that reviews the results and quality of design.

The services we can provide include:

  • confirmation or updating the previously set criteria for quality estimation;
  • design documentation peer review;
  • detailed inspection of data center / server room and measuring the basic technical parameters;
  • analysis of completeness of design decision implementation;
  • compliance of completed works with executive project documentation;
  • risks assessment;
  • development of recommendations on elimination or decreasing risks’ influence.

(special package of services for carrying out an expertise in data center).

A great number of the projects involving data centers which [dc]2 has already performed during its first year in operation within the Russian market led us to the need to develop a new implementation plan that received name of THINKWARE:

aims at development of a companies corporate standards and includes:

  • studying of available corporate standards on building and maintenance of data centers;
  • checking out a conformity of corporate standards to international (TIA-942) requirements;
  • preparation of an updated version of corporate standards for its data centers, including its ranging on a class and requirements to each facility category accordingly.

aims at revealing and assessing risks, it includes:

  • detailed inspection of data center / server room and measuring basic technical parameters;
  • design documentation peer review;
  • compliance of completed works with executive project documentation;
  • analysis of completeness of design decisions implementation;
  • compliance of completed works with executive project documentation;
  • risks assessment;
  • development of recommendations on elimination or decreasing risks’ influence.

THINKWARE PHASE 3 aims at checking out of the given before recommendations, it includes:

  • expert analysis of completed works on upgrading data canter according to the given remarks and recommendations before;
  • quality estimation of completed civil works;
  • conclusion about conformity of data center to standard requirements or to earlier given out technical requirements.

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