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Our experts are ready to assist you make the decisions necessary 
to eliminate the problems usually found in data centers and work on
the solutions needed to meet today’s challenges at any project phase
of data centre/server room life cycle.

Please, answer the questions according to the list below and send it to info@dcxdc.ru

The information you submit to [dc]2  will be kept confidential. List:

1) Contact information (all fields are obligatory):

  • Name (First name, Last name)
  • Position (Title)
  • Contact phone number (please include country code and local area code)
  • Contact e-mail
  • Indicate whether you wish to be contacted by phone or email

2) Company information:

  • Address
  • Business area
  • Type of business
3) Description of a services needed (in a free form);

Thank you for the taking the time to contact [dc]2.  One of our specialists will be in contact you within the next few days.
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