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As an independent consulting company [dc]2  provides its customers
working in Russia with the expertise required to develop, design,
build and maintain a world class data center meeting the
international standards of reliability.

In 2005 Alexander Martynyuk organized in Russia the first independent consulting team of experts whose focus was on the risks involved in the management of data centers.

Due to the rising demands in the Russian market for diagnostic and mission-critical solutions connected with the needs of the IT market  and the construction of data centers, server rooms and other complex engineering facilities a decision was made to organize an independent consulting team.

In the beginning of 2005 the leading Russian companies began exchanging their local experience with their western colleagues; this led to cooperation with independent experts and operating companies to solve the challenges found here in Russia.

During this time period Alexander Martynyuk along with other partners formed the InterlinePro Company to work in this new immerging market.  While at InerlinePro Alexander Martynyuk formed within the company the first independent team of Russian experts to work on data centers.

In 2008 Alexander Martynyuk left the InterlinePro Company taking with him key members of this expert team and formed a new company called [dc]2.   [dc]2  is  a separate legal entity without any mutual commitments to the IntelinePro Company.

The [dc]2  team consists of highly skilled professionals whose work experience spans the areas of:

  • providing solutions for the 7 x 24 x 365 Tier fault tolerances a modern data center needs to maintain it’s operations
  • providing engineered cooling solutions needed to meet today’s demanding IT servers and the growing international business market
  • providing engineered power solutions needed to meet the growing energy needs of today’s high complex data centers
  • providing assistance in matching business and IT strategies
  • providing building and maintenance assistance to provide facilities of world class level
  • providing engineered design that are “Green”

[dc]2  business model is based on utilizing the best practice methods of our local and international technologies in the areas of designing, building and long-term maintaining of highly reliable “Mission Critical” data centers and facilities with a complex infrastructure of engineering systems.

It allows the company to diagnose in proper time the risks arising at different life stages of data centers and server rooms, and also to make sure that the facilities meet the requirements of customer’s business.

[dc]2  has a has the competitive advantages needed by your company to build, maintain and operate your companies “Mission Critical” facilities.

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